Payments & Accounts

How do I cancel my recurring maintenance?

To cancel any recurring payment, please contact We will be glad to cancel any further payments. However, to access your account, you will either need to reactivate your maintenance or subscribe to a Silver client status.

Can I use a credit card to pay for an invitation?

To send a ProScan or Applicant survey invitation a pre-purchase account is required. You may not use a credit card to purchase an invitation.

How do I add funds to an existing pre-purchase account?

Under Pre-Purchase in the Dashboard is a link for accounts, this will give you the status of all the Pre-Purchase accounts available to you.  Click the arrow next to the account to which you wish to add funds, and then click the Add Funds link. Then Follow the on screen directions. After purchasing the new funds, you will receive an email receipt and the funds will be immediately available for use.